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Trend in being self-employed

Being self-employed is very popular in Switzerland. Compared to other European countries Switzerland is on top.

Berufliche Selbständigkeit

Switzerland on top

According to the “Entrepreneurship Study 2012″* there is a considerable entrepreneurial spirit in Switzerland. More than 40% of resplendent can see themselves as starting their own business and being self-employed. This represents a top placement for Switzerland when it is compared to the rest of Europe. Only Italy was able to show a comparable result. In the other analyzed states, however, the readiness to start a business was markedly less.
Both men and women hand an equal proportion saying that they can see themselves as being self-employed in the future. The drive to become independent is especially high among students at university and schools of applied science.

Desire for independence

According to the survey, the desire for independence is the main driving factor that leads people to want to own their own business. The number two reason was the drive to want to accomplish something. Also the possibility to have a more flexible work environment concerning working hours and with that being able to better structure the time that one can spend with family and friends is also an important factor according to the survey.
When asked what the biggest hurdle was on the way to being self-employed, entrepreneurs cited the difficulty of attaining the needed share capital. For the young entrepreneur, access to financial resources appears to be the main problem with starting a business. Another factor that respondents cited in their hesitation to become self-employed was the euro crisis.

*The European  “Entrepreneurship Study 2012” was conducted by the market research institute Gfk Nürnberg. All together 17,800 people took the survey 1,006 of which were in Switzerland.



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