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Personal Consultation

We are represented in 20 different locations throughout Switzerland!

With STARTUPS.CH you can start your company anywhere in Switzerland, as our consultants are located in 20 different locations nationwide.

Our consultants will answer all your questions in your personal consultation. If you found or incorporate your company during or after the one-hour consultation, the session is free of charge (only for Business and Premium packages). If you only need the consultation for informative purposes and are still unsure whether to found your company or not, the interview costs CHF 150 and you will receive a CHF 150 voucher for a later company foundation or incorporation with STARTUPS.CH (only for Business and Premium packages).

You decide on the topic of your personal consultation. Here are some examples:

  • General legal issues
  • Company name and purpose
  • Tax advice (including advice on VAT)
  • Insurance
  • Management consulting
  • Business plan
  • Accounting and tax return
  • Company foundation

 Regarding an appointment you can contact us by phone or by mail.