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Infoniqa ONE Start gives you control of your bookkeeping, invoices and payroll. Easy, professional and the first 365 days completely free. The Cloud gives you access to your data at anytime, so you can work on the move. Updates and back-ups included.

Infoniqa ONE Start at a glance

  • Tailored to SMEs and start-ups
  • One-stop solution for invoices, accounts and payroll
  • Perfect for online collaboration with your accountant
  • E-banking connection with every Swiss bank gives you full control of cash flow
  • Work to the latest standards, such as ISO 20022 and Swissdec 4.0

My office: Knowing what to do

With "My Office" you always have the most important functions at hand for your daily work. "My Office" helps you not to forget weekly or monthly routine tasks. Of course, the whole thing can be individually adapted to your needs.

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Kennzahlen: Unternehmerische Sicherheit dank Kennzahlen

Wollen Sie auf einen Blick sehen, wie es um die Unternehmensfinanzen steht oder welche Artikel am meisten verkauft werden? Die klar gegliederten Dashboards liefern die wichtigsten Antworten zu Finanzen, Kunden, Lieferanten und Lohnbuchhaltung.

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Key figures: Corporate security thanks to key figures

Create offers in your corporate design with just a few clicks. Articles and services are taken from the stored catalogue or entered directly in the offer. Have you previously maintained your articles in Excel, Numbers, etc.? Simply import them at the push of a button and create your invoices just as easily as you create offers. Infoniqa ONE Start books everything automatically in the background.

You create payment slips with a reference number (ISR), which makes payment matching much easier for you. If the invoice is due and has not yet been paid, you can see at a glance who you need to remind or remind.

By the way, you can send both electronically on request. Or you can simply print the document out on your stationery.

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Financial accounting: Double-entry accounting practically automatic

You no longer have to enter invoices, payments and wages manually. Infoniqa ONE Start takes over this daily work in the background. You write an invoice - Infoniqa ONE Start makes the right bookings for you.

You can link your bookkeeping with your bank's e-banking system, and if necessary with several banks at the same time - simply with any Swiss bank. So your accounting and bank account are always synchronized and you can see in Infoniqa ONE Start how much money your company has.

You can also create annual financial statements with balance sheets, income statements or value-added tax for any method at the touch of a button.

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Bank account reconciliation: Automatically synchronize bank account and accounting - with any Swiss bank!

With Infoniqa ONE Start, you can link your accounting directly to your e-banking, with several banks at the same time if you wish - with any Swiss bank. You import your account statement and Infoniqa ONE Start assigns the bank transactions directly to the correct debtors and creditors in the accounting department. If a transaction appears that has not yet been recorded in the accounts, e.g. a credit card charge for refuelling, you can simply create the corresponding entry.

Your bank accounts and accounts will always match and you will always know how liquid your company is.

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Payroll accounting: Switzerland's simplest payroll accounting system

You create professional pay slips without previous knowledge, calculate and book wages in record time - no matter if piecework, hourly or monthly wages. All statutory contribution rates for social insurance are stored.

Once set up, all the necessary documents are immediately available even at the end of the year. At the push of a button you can create wage statements or an AHV statement in accordance with legal guidelines. With the uniform wage registration procedure (ELM), this will soon be possible completely electronically. Infoniqa ONE Start is Swissdec 4.0 certified. You benefit from the electronic transmission of all relevant wage data to social insurance funds and authorities.

If you wish, you can give your trustee access to your payroll accounting data so that he can provide you with optimum support.

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E-banking: Record bills received and pay directly via e-banking

First enter payment data and reference number laboriously into e-banking and then again into accounting? Forget this double entry process!

Simply enter the ISR number with the appropriate app or document reader, Infoniqa ONE Start takes care of the rest. Thanks to the clear overview of the invoices of your suppliers and creditors, you always pay at the optimum time and thus optimise your liquidity.

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VAT: VAT guided accounting and digital submission

VAT accounting can be a nerve-wracking business. What do you have to do? Have you thought of everything and given it correctly? Infoniqa ONE Start leads you step by step to your goal - complete, without prior knowledge, simple and secure. In the future, you will be even more relaxed when it comes to control by the tax authorities.

Submit your VAT statement every quarter by post or type it in error-prone on the tax administration portal? The past! You export the statement directly from Infoniqa ONE Start and upload it to ESTV SuisseTax. This is how digitization works.

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