Guidelines for self-employment

Every entrepreneurial journey starts with an idea

We pave the way for you to become self-employed. Until the first business idea becomes a sustainable business concept, there are many hurdles to overcome. The good news: With the right preparation and strong partners like us at your side, you can do anything. You should at least consider the following points in order to increase your chances of success.

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All you need to set up a successful company

To get off to a good start, a few key questions need to be answered. We have compiled all the requirements for setting up a company as well as ideas and tips for you.

A good business idea

A good business idea is the basis of a successful company foundation. Ideally, this is an idea or a business model that does not yet exist - in other words, one that is innovative. However, a good business idea can also be to do something that already exists in a completely different way. Or instead of doing so for your previous employer, do it by yourself.


Experience in the industry

Ideally, you have already gained experience in the industry in which you want to start your own business. Our experience shows that company founders with industry experience are more successful than «industry newcomers».


Self-confidence and strong will

Successful company founders are prepared to work 50 to 60 hours a week, to do it without holidays and, defying all doubters, to stick to their own idea. Believe in yourself, in your business idea and in the fact that the future will belong completely to you. Changes and failures will help you to be more optimistic.


Business plan

The business plan is the guideline for setting up a business. It co-exists with your company and is always adapted to the latest developments. This enables you to proceed on a systematic basis, identify potential problems at an early stage and take countermeasures. Our tip: Create your business plan easily and free of charge on or let us assist you.


Financial control

Aspiring entrepreneurs don't have to swim in money to launch a business. As a rule, however, success does not happen as quickly as one might think at first. Therefore, do not overestimate your financial resources. Do you have any knowledge of business administration? Then you can react faster and keep finances and liquidity under control.


Clear marketing concept

The better you know how to bring your product or services to market, the more likely you are to achieve long-term independent success. Invest in online seminars on marketing or learn the possibilities in one of our free courses.


Competitive advantage

No matter how good your business idea is: You have to constantly rework your success. Keep researching the competition, plan ahead, develop improvements and implement them. So you won't lose your competitive edge. It is better to act first instead of always reacting to your competitors.


Management support

Your clout will increase if you can draw on the knowledge of experienced managers. These can be financiers, lawyers or successful business colleagues. They can also open doors for you that would otherwise have remained closed. Ask our business plan team for suitable contacts for your industry.



Nobody is an expert in all fields. Here it helps if you build up a network for cooperation. This will give you access to additional know-how. Networking workshops teach you how to network effectively. And we maintain the best contacts in all corners of the powerful Swiss startup scene. Benefit from it!



You have observed all points and venture into self-employment. From now on you need perseverance: A startup is a marathon that you can hardly keep up without outside support. Concentrate on your startup and let us take care of the administrative work involved in setting up your company. Together with our partners we support you before, during and after the foundation. No matter whether you have questions about planning, financing, or fiscal, legal and insurance aspects.


Our tips for company founders

Your business idea is unique. Nevertheless, there are a few points that all founders should consider carefully. Here you will find our assistance:

Develop a business strategy

A business idea is important. But only the right strategy defines which steps you should take and when. With the Canvas method you can track down your goals.

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Create a business plan

The business plan contains everything that can make your company successful. With a serious business plan you reduce the risks significantly. Use our tips for this purpose.

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Consider all tax aspects

Depending on the type of company you want to set up, you will benefit from other tax aspects. Partnerships are taxed differently from corporations.

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Compare insurances

Concluding the right insurance contract can save your company from bankruptcy if the worst comes to the worst. In this way, you can find the insurance policies that suit your requirements.

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Pension fund withdrawal

With the step into self-employment, you may also wonder whether you can withdraw your pension fund shares in advance. Our instructions will help you.

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Do your own accounting or outsource it?

If you are self-employed, you must keep track of all your expenses and income in order to be able to provide information on this at all times. This task is often too challenging for many company founders. Find out here whether it makes more sense for you to outsource your accounting or to do it by yourself with the appropriate software.

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