EXECUTION and duration of a company foundation

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Here you can find out which steps have to be taken to set up a company. We show you how STARTUPS.CH can help you with each of these tasks. In addition, we give you an idea of the duration of each step, without and with STARTUPS.CH.

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Company formation in 7 steps

Find out more about each step involved in a company foundation.


A convincing business idea is the basis of every successful company foundation. This can be an innovative idea that does not yet exist. A good business idea can also consist of offering something that already exists in a completely new way. Further information on how to develop a good business strategy can be found here.


Choice of the right legal form

Usual duration: 1-3 days
Duration with STARTUPS.CH: 15-60 minutes

The choice of the right legal form depends on many factors: Number of persons involved, anonymity of the persons involved, necessary starting capital, desired liability (private or only company capital), external appearance (an PLC is, for example, appears more serious than a LLC to the public).


STARTUPS.CH can recommend to you in the context of the consultation based on your personal situation the legal form suitable for you and also explain to you the different characteristics.  

Execution / preparation of documents

Usual duration: 7-14 days
Duration with STARTUPS.CH: 12-48h depending on selected package (weekdays)

The process of setting up a company begins with the preparation of all necessary documents (articles of association, public deed, registration in the registry of commerce, etc.). A lawyer from STARTUPS.CH can take over the preparation of the documents for you.


With just a few clicks you can easily calculate an offer for your business incorporation here.  If you agree with the offer, you can register as a user and then enter your company details and complete the company formation online. This process takes about 15 minutes. A STARTUPS.CH lawyer will then check your data and contact you by telephone. You will receive all relevant documents within 24 hours by e-mail (valid on working days).

Confirmation of capital contribution of the deposited capital

Usual duration: 4–7 days
Duration with STARTUPS.CH: 3–5 days

In order to be able to establish a company, a confirmation of the deposited share capital is required (only in the case of an PLC or LLC). In order to receive this confirmation of capital contribution, you must pay the share capital into a Swiss bank. This bank will then issue the certificate.  


STARTUPS.CH can help you with this step. In cooperation with Credit Suisse, we also offer you this service at special conditions.

Notarization of the foundation documents

Usual duration: 3-7 days
Duration with STARTUPS.CH: 1-3 days

In order to register your company in the commercial register, all foundation documents and the capital payment confirmation must be publicly notarised by a notary (only for an PLC or LLC). After the notarial certification has been carried out, the documents are sent to the responsible registry of commerce office for registration.


STARTUPS.CH will of course be happy to take over this step for you.

Registry of commerce entry and excerpt

Usual duration: 3-15 days

With the foundation documents, the registry of commerce office creates the entry of your newly founded company. Important: The submitted documents must be free of errors and meet the requirements of the cantonal registry of commerce offices. Incorrect documents are sent back for correction, which entails additional costs and a longer waiting period.


If you set up your company with STARTUPS.CH, we will receive an extract from the registry of commerce for you to check after it has been entered in the commercial register (it is possible that the registry of commerce may contain typographical errors, therefore the extract from the registry of commerce must be checked immediately after receipt). Once the check has been carried out, it will be sent to you immediately by e-mail. The original will be sent by mail with the notarized foundation documents. As a company founder, you can dispose of the paid-in founding capital after the entry in the registry of commerce has been made.

Successful foundation of your company

Your business has been successfully founded! Now you have to implement the business plan and the business strategy. Keep an eye on your finances. Managing a company is an art - but with the right partners you can keep your company on course even after its foundation.


Our tips for company founders

Your business idea is unique. Nevertheless, there are a few points that all founders should consider carefully. Here you will find our assistance:

Develop a business strategy

A business idea is important. But only the right strategy defines which steps you should take and when. With the Canvas method you can track down your goals.

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Create a business plan

The business plan contains everything that can make your company successful. With a serious business plan you reduce the risks significantly. Use our tips for this purpose

more information

Consider all tax aspects

Depending on the type of company you are planning, you may benefit from other tax aspects. Partnerships are taxed differently from corporations.

more information

Compare insurances

Concluding the right insurance contract can save your company from bankruptcy if the worst comes to the worst. In this way, you can find the insurance policies that suit your requirements.

more information

Pension fund withdrawal

With the step into self-employment, you may also wonder whether you can withdraw your pension fund shares in advance. Our instructions will help you.

more information

Do your own bookkeeping or outsource it?

If you are self-employed, you must keep track of all your expenses and income in order to be able to provide information about them at all times. This task is too much for many company founders. Find out here whether it makes more sense for you to outsource your accounting or to do it yourself with suitable software.

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