PostFinance supports your company founding and facilitates your start into a successful future: with a comprehensive offer of financial services, beneficial conditions and a personal consultant. Together with STARTUPS.CH, we support you in founding your own company.

Starting aid for STARTUPS.CH company founders:

Open your business account with PostFinance and activate it with a contribution of at least CHF 100.00. For this, you will receive starting aid support at an amount of CHF 200.00 (PLC), CHF 150.00 (LLC) or CHF 100.00 (sole proprietorship) for your founding costs.

PostFinance is the ideal partner for the daily payment transactions and cash management of young entrepreneurs:

  • Easily manage your free-of-charge business account* online with E-Finance
  • E-Deposito account with preferential interest rates
  • PostFinance Card with more than 4,400 cashpoints and credit cards
  • Debtor solutions, such as inpayment slip forms
  • Creditor solutions for payment orders, wage payments, E-Payment and internet shops

More information on the offer of PostFinance:

* At an average annual credit of CHF 7,500.00 and more