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Contract of employment

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The employment contract contains the details of the employment relationship. In principle, an employment contract is also valid if it is oral form; however, given the high degree of importance, it is advisable to record the employment contract in writing. In the employment contract, key aspects of the employment relationship, such as wages, level employment, place of work, powers, insurance, overtime regulations and much more, are recorded. If, during the employment relationship, questions or disputes arise regarding one of the points, it is easier for everyone if the details had been put down in writing. We recommend an employment contract whenever more than one person is involved in the founding of the company (due to all kinds of disputes). It is recommended to conclude the work agreement prior to the start of the work relationship

General Terms and Conditions

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General Terms and Conditions of Business (GTCs) serve the purpose of providing pre-formulated terms and conditions for a multitude of contractual transactions. Business processes are streamlined and simplified by GTCs, by presenting the specific modalities of the agreement to the customer prior to the conclusion of the agreement. GTCs are particularly recommended when a variety of similar contracts are concluded, such as contracts for an online shop. GTCs are also suitable for keeping offers short and attaching to the general terms

Shareholder's Agreement

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In a shareholder commitment agreement (SCA), the shareholders are obligated to each other to take, tolerate or refrain from certain actions, since, according to the law, the shareholders can only be obligated up to the payment under subscription for their shares. In order to facilitate cooperation, arrangements that go beyond the articles of association are made in an SCA. In the SCA, among other things, the achievement of the company's goals are agreed, voting commitments are made, and preemption, purchase and co-sale rights and duties are provided. We recommend an SCA if there are 2 or more shareholders, particularly by reason of purchase and preemption rights, which can only be agreed in a shareholder commitment agreement.

Non-disclosure agreement

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A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a contract that prescribes secrecy regarding negotiations, the results of negotiations or confidential documents. The obligated party agrees to keep secret any information that is made available to him or her. In contrast to business secrecy, which is incorporated into the law, there is freedom of contract with non-disclosure agreements. We recommend non-disclosure declarations:

  • if negotiations with partners are upcoming
  • if orders are given to external programmers
  • if recipes, concepts or other secret or sensitive information are disclosed in negotiations
  • in the case of takeovers or mergers of companies

It is advisable to conclude a non-disclosure declaration prior to the commencement of the negotiations.

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