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Why Consulting?

At STARTUPS.CH we can find an answer to every question you have!

You decide on the content of your personal consultation. Possible topics are:

General Legal Counselling

Our legal department supports you in many legal questions—from company law to labour law. Have you, for instance, signed a noncompetition clause and are not sure if this might have consequences for your own project? Are you still employed and do not know to which extent you are allowed to plan your independence during your regular employment? We would be glad to help you out.


Help with the creation of the company name and company purpose

Apart from checking the company name with the Central Business Names Index (ZEFIX), there are further points to consider. Is the sole proprietor's surname included in the company name? Is your company name available, but maybe misleading because it is not compatible with the company’s purpose? Is the company name too broad or too narrow? Which points must not be forgotten while conceiving the company’s purpose? Our knowledgeable staff can give you some of the best advice out there.


Tax counselling (including value added tax (VAT))

Due to complexities in the tax code it is easy to be paying more than what you are actually obliged to. In order to avoid this it is essential to have a comprehensive tax setup. How should the tax load be distributed between your company and you? Are there possibilities to create an optimal tax situation from the very beginning? At the point of company foundation it is necessary to carefully check if your company could be liable for VAT. If so, you must choose which model you prefer to start out with—effective taxation or balance taxation? We can offer you insightful and dependable advice in matter such as these.


Insurance counselling

What types of insurance are obligatory? What should you insure yourself against and how well? How does your Federal Insurance Law situation change with your step to independence? We would be pleased to help you find the right solutions in cooperation with our partner AXA Winterthur Insurances.

New: Insurance Check for SMEs
So that you know right away what you really need!

Are you a company founder, self-employed person, or owner of an SME? If so, you'll be asking yourself important questions – also about insurance.

  • What type of coverage is mandatory for you?
  • What type of coverage is unnecessary?
  • What additional types would make sense?

Go to and you will know what you need after only a few clicks. Our Insurance Check gives you detailed and straightforward information that is individually geared to your sector and business type.

The Insurance Check is the ideal way to prepare for a meeting with your insurance advisor – and it provides an important basis for planning your future.
By the way: Established companies, too, can benefit from the Insurance Check because their insurance requirements may change at any time.


Company consulting

Due to our constantly growing network of trusted companies and partners, STARTUPS.CH can recommend you many quality products and services useful (some even necessary) to newly founded companies—from the right IT company to an experienced marketing agency, or even a furniture store that fits your needs.


Help with the creation of your business plan

The successful foundation and administration of a business requires clear goals set by the management, as well as an estimation of the resources needed to achieve those goals. The ideal instrument to specify these intentions and plans is a business plan. It documents the direction of action that the management plans on taking, and creates a binding and uniform frame of reference for the management. It also allows investors and outside creditors a quick assessment of a business endeavour. We would be pleased to help you draw up your business plan.


Fast and uncomplicated company foundation and incorporation

After we have resolved the most important questions with you in a phone or personal interview, you can submit all your data online. After we have received all necessary documentation electronically, we will e-mail you all relevant official documents for signing. As soon as you have returned the signed documents, we will submit and incorporate or found your company within 48 hours.


Help with the handling of accounting and tax return

STARTUPS.CH can assist you with the handling of your accounting and the drafting of your tax return. You can either choose to appoint one of our affiliated trust companies or attend one of our accounting courses. You also have the possibility of doing the accounting on your own after the accounting course, and discuss the accounts and the tax return with one of our trustees at the end of the business year to ensure that they are optimized.


Found or incorporate for free with your choice of our partners

If you decide to use the services or products of our partners for your company foundation, you will receive discounts from the respective product or service providers that will go toward the cost of your foundation or incorporation. In the ideal case, your company foundation will not cost you anything or you will even receive credit that you can use for future services that you may require.


Information on the status of your company status available anytime

After all the important issues have been completed you can submit your data online. STARTUPS.CH enables you to check the status of your company foundation or incorporation at any time. After the notarial act of foundation you can see the estimated date of entry into the commercial register. With this, STARTUPS.CH allows you to plan your preparatory operations more precisely before the formal start of the company.



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