Protect your brand

Have your trademarks protected and save costly trouble with competitors. Our lawyers can provide you with the best possible legal protection.

The question of whether it is possible to protect your trademark and which category it should be registered can be discussed with a competent lawyer.

What is this?

A brand is a unique distinctive mark and serves to build an image and separate a company from the competition. Frequently, word marks (for example, a company name), design marks (for example, a logo), and word / design marks (combination of company name / logo) are registered.

Why is it necessary?

In order to ensure that your distinguishing mark is used exclusively by you and no other person / company can benefit from your image, your distinguishing mark should be registered as a trademark.

When is it necessary?

We recommend brand protection particularly if your customers are to link the distinguishing mark with your product or servicebrand protection is also recommended for building an image

Trademark Protection

CHF 490
(excl. VAT)

Benefits of Trademark protection

A brand gives you the right to label your products and services with the name or logo and helps you to distinguish them from competing products and to give your customers the opportunity to recognize your products immediately at any time. Well-known brands include Coca-Cola, Porsche and Nike.

To discourage competitors from using your company name or logo, we recommend that you protect it as a trademark. If it is protected, you have something in your hand to take action against possible abuses, or to warn persons or companies that use your trademark or company name and demand that they refrain from using it.

A distinction must be made between word marks, figurative marks and word-picture marks. Protection is always provided in certain classes of goods, e.g. for clothing, personal care products or machines. The classes are classified in the International Classification of Goods and Services (so-called Nice Classification).

Word mark

A word mark is a mark consisting of words, letters or numbers. Examples of a word mark would be Microsoft or VW and "Have a Break, have a Kit Kat". It must always be borne in mind that generally used words cannot be protected (e.g. the word "carpenter's workshop" cannot be protected as a trademark in the unique position of a carpenter).

Figurative mark

A figurative mark consists exclusively of a graphic element. An example of a figurative mark is the Nike symbol or the M of McDonalds.

Word-picture mark

A word-picture mark is a mark which is represented in a certain graphic notation. An example of this is the logo of Ebay or Google.